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Current MARC Students

Jacqueline Gallegos

Jacqueline is interested in understanding the role of neurotransmitters in psychiatric disorders and behavior. At UCD, she works with Dr. Erik Oleson investigating comorbidity between schizophrenia and drug addiction in relation to dopamine levels. She is participating at a summer research program at Princeton to further develop her research.

Shawn Orcutt

Shawn is interested in understanding changes of neural anatomy and function associated with learning and memory. At UCD, he works with Dr. Sonda Bland investigating changes in behavior and neural anatomy associated with social isolation in male rats. He is participating in a summer research experience at Drexel University.

Kaylae Nakamura

Kaylae is interested in understanding how to use nutrition knowledge to help others reduce their risk of chronic illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. At UCD, she is investigating the relationship between religiosity on the cardiovascular response to a stressor in Christian married couples in Dr. Kevin Masters’s lab. She also works with Dr. Christopher Phiel investigating the biological mechanism by which the ketogenic diet reduces seizures in children with epilepsy. She is furthering her research this summer at the University of Hawai’i.

Mariah Mendoza-Lehl

Mariah is interested in clinical psychology; more specifically, she aspires to learn more about relationships, human development, and anxiety. At UCD, she works with Dr. Elizabeth Allen investigating ways to promote healthy and happy marriages among military couples. In this lab, she is also investigating ways to help military couples find solutions to post-deployment issues such as ways to ease the reintegration process and promote healthy communication. She is gaining research experience at Denver University this summer.

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